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Customer Communication Tools

Communication is a critical element of all design processes. Whole Hog Technologies is committed to providing strong and effective communication lines with our customers. Follow any of the links below to use our on-line communication tools, or if you have additional questions, please contact us today. We look forward to getting your next project started, and you can look forward to knowing that you can reach the Whole Hog team throughout the entire process.

Quote Requests

Getting a dialog started is important to understand what your specific needs are. The Whole Hog Technologies quote request is a simple way to communicate your immediate needs in a manner which we can generate a general scope of work.

Click here to get your needs outlined today

ECO Requests

All projects experience changes through the design process. The Whole Hog Engineering Change Order is a way for our customers to indicate any additional work identified during the scope of an existing project. Submitting an ECO with Whole Hog is simply a way to formally acknowledge that additional deliverables needs to be added to the project.

Click here to submit an ECO for your design effort

Contract Acceptance

To initiate work on your project, Whole Hog requires an acceptance of your contract either as a signed copy of the contract, or through our online acceptance form. Either method will initiate work as outlined in the quote, and will also provide a 'launch' point from which to base the schedule for contract deliverables.

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Whole Hog Value Add

A Value Add method is used by Whole Hog to help steer the success of each development effort. The Whole Hog Value Add form allows new design approaches to be identified, different fabrication methods made available, or other adjustments to project elements to be collected and reviewed by the management team. Value Add items approved by the customer can be implemented in a predictable and orderly manner.

Click here to submit a WHT Value Add suggestion for your design effort

Delivery Acceptance

All work that Whole Hog Technologies completes is outlined with a Delivery Acceptance form. This form gives a formal check-off between Whole Hog and our customers to confirm what portions of a project are complete at any specific time.

Click here to accept work that has been completed in your design effort

24-Hour PDM Vault Access

Your project data is the most important part of a design. Whole Hog Technologies offers 24-7 access to your SolidWorks data in a PDM vault to customers who are interested in collaboration through a design effort. PDM allows user access control, design life-cycle and project security for those customers looking for a complete turnkey product development solution.

Project Management Information System

Project management is essential through complex product development efforts. Whole Hog Technologies offers 24-7 access to project management in a secure and controlled project management information system (PMIS). PMIS allows customized manager and team member access, discussion boards, risk and task management, and event-based notifications for customers looking for managed product development solutions.

Other Project Communication Tools

In addition to our on-line communication tools for the design process, Whole Hog offers other communication methods to our customers. On-line meetings, shared 'cloud' files, and web meetings are all ways to allow working together on projects possible.